cd in a microwave

if there ever will be a konami fighting game or a vs game featuring konami i want robbie the rabbit playable as a rep for the entire silent hill franchise


from original poster’s description from youtube copypaste:

In this study the piano is prepared by inserting “m.u.s.c.l.e. men”, (cool figurines from the 80’s) between the strings, as well as my normal preparation for creating the low kick drum sound. Others lounging around nearby inside the Piano case started leaping around due to the vibrating strings…….and luckily were captured on film by “mild eye”. All live solo piano playing, no multi-tracking or looping devices allowed. Scores available on request.

Taken from a series of piano pieces exploring the notion that the traditional piano can create sounds and textures which are normally only found in dance and electronic music. Drum, percussion and bass are created by inserting various objects such as wood, metal and Blu-Tak between the strings and are played “sequencer” style in the left hand while the right adds polymetric patterns and isorhythms of varying length. No looping device is used, the idea being everything is “live” and played in real time, the piano as “modern one-man-band-electro-acoustic-orchestra”


i feel like im watching one of those old shorts from the art and music of silent hill dvd.


i found so many nice recolors for game and watch for project m.

going to add a mango orange, pure white, gameboy green, rainbow spectrum, and im going to try and get this iffy pink one working.